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750-325 Wago fieldbus coupler CC-Link


298,00 €

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Numero prodotto 750-325

EAN: 4055143597449
Cust. tarrif code: 2147483647
Country of origin: DE

peso 0,20 KG

tempo di consegna 3-4 days
3-4 days

750-325 Wago fieldbus coupler CC-Link

750-325 Wago fieldbus coupler CC-Link
technical data
Communication: CC-Link   
Number of fieldbus nodes on the master max.: 64   
Baud rate: 156 kBd … 10 MBd   
Fieldbus segment length max.:  1200 m   
Transmission medium: Shielded Cu cable 2 / 3 x 0.5 mm²   
Station addresses: 1 … 4 / 4 (default setting)   
Number of modules per node max.: 64   
Current consumption, system supply:  200 mA
Total current for system supply: 1800 mA
Field supply voltage:   DC 24 V (-25 … +30 %); über Leistungskontakte   
Input current typ. at rated load (24 V): 600 mA
Efficiency of the power supply (typ.) at nominal load (24 V): 90 %
Isolation: 500 V system/supply   
Übertragungsrate (Kommunikation/Feldbus 1): 156 kBd … 10 MBd
Number of outgoing power jumper contacts: 3   
Current carrying capacity of the power jumper contacts: 10 A
Anschlusstechnik: Kommunikation/Feldbus: CC-Link: 1 x 4-pole male connector

This fieldbus coupler connects the WAGO‐I/O-SYSTEM as a slave to the CC-Link fieldbus. The fieldbus coupler supports the CC-Link protocol versions V1.1. and V2.0.
The fieldbus coupler detects all connected I/O modules and creates a local process image. This process image may include a mixed arrangement of analog (word-by-word data transfer) and digital (bit-by-bit data transfer) modules.
CC‐Link allows the storing of the process image in the corresponding Master control (PLC, PC or NC).
The local process image is divided into two data zones containing the data received and the data to be sent. The process data can be sent via the CC-Link protocol to a control system for further processing. The process output data can be sent via the CC-Link protocol.
The data of the analog modules is stored in the process image that is created automatically according to the order in which the modules are connected to the coupler.
The bits of the digital modules are sent byte by byte and added to the analog data. If the amount of digital information exceeds eight bits, the buscoupler automatically starts with a new byte.

Manufacturer: Wago